Monday, November 30, 2009

"remember about personal space, kids"

So the book fair started at my library today.
It is a gong show in slow motion,
as it lasts until Thursday.

We had grades 4-6 come in class by class and view.
During my time at this library, i've been able to observe first-hand the fervent desire within kids to capture some kind of attention from any adult within range.

Kid after kid would come up to the nearest adult, shake their paper listing book fair selections in the nearest adults' face, for the sole purpose of getting some kind of acknowledgement.

I as crowded as a person getting on an asian subway car.
And it was awesome.

everyday angels

Another entry?

i am on FIRE.

Just wanted to share something that happened about a week ago.

Many kids ask me (the school librarian) to assist them in finding "something awesome" to read.

M. is one such little 5th grader.

She has been my little school library several times, asking for help finding books to read.

After refusing every suggestion i give her, eventually she picks out her own book, and skips out the door.

She's just like any other peppy 10 year old, and yet she is one of the students at the school with a moderately severe vision problem. That's tough.

A couple days after a real hardship entered my life, i was on my way back to my library during a lunch break.

Sitting on the knee-high ledge outside my library, M. was perched with a sandwich.

Cheerily, she stopped me and asked me how i was doing. With my librarian smile instantly hoisted up on my face i replied the obligatory "fine!".

"Do you mean it?", she asked.

Caught off guard, my smile faltered for a second. Had i heard her right?

"Do you mean am i really 'fine'?"

"Yes." she replied matter-of-factly.

This forced a surprise bit of introsepction.
The little dark cloud that had been following me around the last few days, drenching my days, lifted for that brief moment.
She was my angel that day.

Thanks, M.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Swore I'd never do this.
Create blog, I mean.

Never say never.