Monday, March 29, 2010

...have a popover froggie!

So, speaking of strange movies from my childhood, here is another!

Unfortunately, i have so far been unable locate the classic "Tommy tricker and the stamp traveller", which should be seen by all, in my humble opinion.
Will post when found.

The frog prince by the funny!

The rest of the parts can be found here:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tiny victories

1.I got another job!

...its at the local chestermere library, and should definitely be just enough extra hours of work to land me in the driver's seat of a nicer car by the end of the summer...or just a hospital bed from exhaustion.

2. I got myself all registered up for distance university, and my school books have arrived!

...all 3 course load materials are now in my possession! It's an intimidating amount of stuff, actually, and i'm not gonna lie... the content all looks about as dry as my lips during an albertan winter.
Oh well...only 12 more courses and then i can escape with my average-sized fist clutching a degree in Professional Arts of Communication Studies.

3. I conducted a YSA regional fireside for the first time E-V-E-R!

...and didn't go blank, pass out, throw up, go blind from panic, mess up the speaker's names, announce the program in the wrong order, or trip on something and take an embarrassing tumble.

the injustice...!

Today was day 3 of 3 of "Bring Your Own ____" at the middle school I am employed at.

The point of this 'game' is to bring an assigned item to school for each day, (or i think it was at least revealed to them what to bring on the last

Day 1: a banana
Day 2: a bowl
Day 3: a spoon

..and guess what it was for?
Yep, that's right folks...the entire student body (numbering in the high 700's) got ice cream before their spring break!

So jealous.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'my little pony' madness

So many wonderfully strange flicks we watched as children...strangely wonderful and wonderfully strange movies that i'm sure we only appreciate nowadays only because we watched them as a child. Laura, you know the ones to which i'm referring...haha.

I remembered another today, and confess to spending a bit of time searching for it's name and whereabouts...and found it!
This lost treasure that i recovered is a 'my little pony' TV special that mom taped off tv and we kids watched..hummm... probably several thousand times.

Recalling it now, it was a surprisingly dark show for the target audience of little girls who liked horses....

but you can be the judge...enjoy!


Today has been a positively disgusting at the Lonsdale's abode, with a full on assault from our visitor, Gastroenteritis.
More commonly referred to by his nickname, 'stomach flu', this unwelcome guest has invaded the immune systems of 5 out of the 6 individuals currently living at this house.

That tricky little microscopic jerk has us all in his filthy little microscopic grasp...only Super-Mom's system remains untouched.

It first began with Daniel, who was the first to fall to unpleasant symptoms on sunday. Krista was taken down shortly after fhe, monday night. Dad and I were hit with it during the night. Even Derek, who left early monday morning for a party-like-it-was-1999 trip to BYU to visit his friends, was taken hostage by the intruding virus upon arrival in Utah.

Ugh. Feeling SO gross.

Flu virus - 5 Lonsdales- 0

"i'm a-runnin', i'm a-runnin' from you..."

well...once again, i've been slacking.
i am finally blogging about the St. patties day 5k race that I ran on march 13th.

It was something that i've always wanted to try...'try' being the operative word.
I was not exactly the fastest, or even an efficient 5K-er out there that day, but the experience was simply SPLENDID.
After the race, i soon realized that it was not purely a quick time that I was after that day, but a good time... and i found it.

There is a strange thrill in jogging with a mass of people down city streets;
roads blocked off especially for you, cops everywhere to ensure your safety, volunteers standing at water jugs halfway to the finish and filling cups of water for you to grab and dramatically toss aside once drained....
So fun!

Runners are such nice people too...some random man from the race gave me a pat on the back once i'd crossed the finish line. Endorphin-charged people are happy people.

A blossoming race junkie, i'm already set to attempt my second race May 1st. Another 5k, but perhaps there is a 10k in my future?

Here's a pic of us post-race! (soon, anyways!)