Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tiny victories

1.I got another job!

...its at the local chestermere library, and should definitely be just enough extra hours of work to land me in the driver's seat of a nicer car by the end of the summer...or just a hospital bed from exhaustion.

2. I got myself all registered up for distance university, and my school books have arrived!

...all 3 course load materials are now in my possession! It's an intimidating amount of stuff, actually, and i'm not gonna lie... the content all looks about as dry as my lips during an albertan winter.
Oh well...only 12 more courses and then i can escape with my average-sized fist clutching a degree in Professional Arts of Communication Studies.

3. I conducted a YSA regional fireside for the first time E-V-E-R!

...and didn't go blank, pass out, throw up, go blind from panic, mess up the speaker's names, announce the program in the wrong order, or trip on something and take an embarrassing tumble.

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